September 10th, 2006

david enfant

3 concerts à san francisco et oakland

comme je vous l'avais déjà dit, je pars lundi 11 septembre (oui je sais.. 5 ans après) pour les Etats Unis jouer 3 petis concerts dans la baie de san francisco (grâce à l'aide précieuse de gino robair). j'espère que mon instrument chéri ne souffrira pas des nouvelles conditions draconiennes de sécurité sur les vols (hélas d'autres en ont déjà souffert , vraiment). on se retrouvera donc à l'automne (je rentrerai le 22 septembre). portez vous bien.

All the details below in english for the american readers :

September 14 : san francisco / the luggage store

i will play a solo on electric guitar and voice with also 2 other shows (see below)
Thursday, Sep 14 2006 8:00 PM at the luggage store gallery (map here)
8pm: Satellite
Steini Gunnarson - guitar/laptop
Liz Meredith - viola/electronics
Travis Johns - bass/laptop
9pm: Leif Shackelford - viola/electronics/video

The Luggage Store : 1007 Market Street, san francisco, CA 94103,USA - Cost : $6

September 15 : oakland / 1510 Performance Space

1510 Performance Space : 8th Street, oakland, CA 94601,USA
(map here)

free improvisation duo with the fabulous drummer gino robair.

the full program for the night is :

a trio :
Frank Gratkwoski - reeds
Scott R. Looney - piano/electronics
Gino Robair - drums/electronics

a duet :
David Fenech - guitar
Gino Robair - suitcase contents

a quartet :
Frank Gratkwoski - reeds
Tim Perkis - electronics
Damon Smith - Double bass
Jerome Bryerton - drums

gino robair<

September 16 : oakland / 21 grand

21 grand : 416 25th Street, oakland, CA 94612,USA
(map here)

as part of Jon Raskin's ensemble for his Music + CD release party.
I should be improvising with a number of good local players, in response to
a live video score. It will happen at 21 Grand

The FPR Trio will present compositions and improvisations by members of the group.
FPR Trio:
Frank Gratkowski - Bb clarinet, alto saxophone
Phillip Greenlief - Bb clarinet, tenor saxophone
Jon Raskin - sopranino & baritone saxophones

Music Plus One record Release. It will feature video, Improv Orchestra
and selections from the Music Plus One CD.
Improv Orchestra:
MaryClare Brzytwa (flute/laptop)
Matt Davingnon (electronics)
Shayna Dunkleman (percussion)
David Fenech (guitar)
Matt Ingalls (clarinet/electronics)
Ava Mendoza (guitar)
Kanoko Nishi (koto)
Suki O'Kane (percussion)
Karen Stackpole (percussion)

Video: Konrad Steiner "Suites for Faces"
"The video will be selected from "Suite for Face," a collection of 4-6 minute
clips made for improvising musicians.The imagery consists of moments of acting
without words in scenes from a wide variety of feature films. The sound is
muted and the actors' expressions and movements are visually abstracted and
slowed down to create expanded moments ripe for interpretation by both musicians
and audience." Several of the scenes using material from Music Plus One will
be up at in September.

jon raskin